Health Sector Financing by Centre and States/UTs in India: [2013-14 to 2015]

Public expenditure data has been sourced from the State budget documents, detailed demand for grants of MoHFW and other Central Ministries/Departments. This document gives in totality classification...

Category:Development Reports

By : Ministry of Health and Family Welfare MoH&FW On 02 Jun 2016

Living on the Edge: Immunization Coverage among Children of Nomadic and De-notified Tribes in the Slums of M-East Ward, Mumbai

This study was carried out to assess the immunization status of the NT-DNT children in the 0 to 5 year age group and also to suggest an intervention strategy to immunize the non-immunized children....

Category:Investigation Reports

By : Praveenkumar Katarki, Mayank Sinha, On 11 Jan 2016

A Reality Check on Suicides in India

In this paper, we study the data from the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) of India and disaggregate across demographic and leading causes of suicides. We find that mental and physical health are t...

Category:Research Reports

By : Shamika Ravi On 02 Aug 2015

Action Alert? A Mid-Day Meal for Children: A Story Full of Non-Compliance, Poor Performance and Irregularities, Say the CAG Findings

Is the mid-day meal scheme following the nutritional standards? Are funds properly allocated? HARCRC is showing a clear picture of what is happening to the mid-day meal scheme.

Category:Investigation Reports

By : HAQ Centre for Child Rights HAQCRC On 08 Jul 2015

Paniya Adivasi Women’s Innovative Livelihood Development Endeavours in Farming

This case study is about an intervention by MSSRF for the development of livelihoods, as well as food and nutritional security, to address the issues of poverty and malnutrition among the women and ch...

Category:Development Reports

By : Chandrika C S, Nandakumar P M On 30 Jun 2015

The Nutritional Value of Toilets: How Much International Variation in Child Height Can Sanitation Explain?

Physical height is an important economic variable reflecting health and human capital. Puzzlingly, however, differences in average height across developing countries are not well explained by differ...


By : Dean Spears On 01 Dec 2014

In the Name of Science and Public Health: Concerns about the Safety of Pentavalent Vaccine

This report provides information on the policy and implementation of immunization in India. A description of the findings of the verbal autopsies gathered from the visits to Srinagar and Haryana, as a...

Category:Investigation Reports

By : PUDR Peoples Union for Democratic Rights On 10 Jun 2014

Final Report & Recommendations: Malnutrition Monitoring Committee 2007- 2012

Malnutrition is caused by complex mechanisms traversing the social, political and economic arenas. Food security, feeding and health seeking practices, the status of women, and availability of health...


By : The Maharashtra Malnutrition Monitoring Committee On 09 Apr 2014

Food Security in Asian Countries in the Context of the Millennium Goals

It goes to the credit of the constituent Assembly that the Indian constitution in 1950, mentions of providing for food security in its full connotation realized and defined during the late eighties. I...


By : Vidya Sagar On 07 Feb 2014

The Role of Food and Nutrition System Approaches in Tackling Hidden Hunger

One of the World’s greatest challenges is to secure sufficient and healthy food for all, and to do so in an environmentally sustainable manner. This review explores the interrelationships of food, hea...


By : Francesco Burch, Jessica Fanzo, On 07 Feb 2014