Malnutrition Among Schoolboys

Medical inspection of nearly 14,000 school children in Bombay city recently showed that nearly 35 per cent. of them were insufficiently fed and were below their size and weight. One of the inspectors wrote that they would prove a congenital ground for consumption and allied disease which would ultimately lead to their premature death. If this is the condition of school children could not be much better in other towns and cities. What is the cause of more than one-third of the school children being underfed and what will be the effect of subjecting them to the modern examination tortures? If the causes are economic as they appear to be, it is clear that one-third of the population who are anxious to give some education to their children, are unable to feed them properly. Do our educationalists recognise this fact and provide at least free education and grant of books, &c.
Posted on May 20, 2016 | Source: