'We lack effort to rid hunger’

On 20 May 2016

According to official statistics, 3,000 children die every day in India due to malnutrition.

Malnutrition Among Schoolboys

On 20 May 2016

Medical inspection of nearly 14,000 school children in Bombay city recently showed that nearly 35 per cent.

Include surplus milk produce in midday meal scheme: Farmers

On 19 May 2016

Agitating milk farmers in Odisha proposed the state government to include milk and milk products in the mid-day meal scheme and for beneficiaries of several other schemes to make proper use of the surplus milk.

Saving India’s children

On 19 May 2016

Anganwadis have been protecting children from the severest droughts. They must be expanded and empowered

Why the Supreme Court's orders on school meals in drought-hit areas are not being implemented

On 19 May 2016

harkhand has altogether failed to carry out the orders. Other states do not have the funds to provide eggs and milk to children.

Fall in malnutrition deaths in Attapady, Kerala

On 17 May 2016

Malnutrition-related deaths fall from 58 in 2013 to 14 last year mong tribal children in Attapady, Kerala, as per Health depatment figures.

May 1991: The summer of our discontent

On 11 May 2016

The economy had ground to a halt, public finances were in tatters

Putting an end to childhood malnutrition

On 11 May 2016

‘Stunted children today means stunted economies tomorrow.’

40 Students in India Sickened By Meal at School

On 09 May 2016

Forty students were hospitalized after consuming midday meal at a secondary school in Banswara district of India's northwestern Rajasthan state on Friday.

Something Fishy in Midday Meal Scheme

On 09 May 2016

School-going children forced to make do with whatever is served under the midday meal programme at a government school in Hyderabad